Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A New Day

Early morning in Washington, D.C. Difficult to sleep after the events of the last few hours. Barak's speech reminded me of how good it will be to have intelligence installed in the White House just twenty or so blocks from my humble row home in our nation's capitol. With Barak comes the hope of a new cabinet filled with smart, determined, compassionate people. And in time, new Supreme Court Justices will be appointed to the bench, replacing some of the ideologues of administrations past.  

Eloquence and erudition resonated in Chicago's Grant Park early this morning. The world watched as dignity was restored to the country for so long now low on morale and lacking sensible leadership. 

I'm filled with optimism on this new day. It's the beginning of promise, the continuation of hope, and the return of pride—all embodied by Barak Hussein Obama, U.S. President. Bless him, bless us.