Saturday, May 02, 2009

"Marathon Song," Molly Peacock

I love you at the finish line.
I love you wishing you had run.
I love you saying you will next time.
I love you at the marathon.

We stand here on a big flat rock
on which we've placed a big fat book
so we can get a good high look
at all the runners near the clock.

I love you in repressed fear,
expressed hope, panic, fervor,
and hypocritical nonchalance here,
perched on "The Reincarnation Reader,

all about life after death. You say, "Can 
you see?" I can see just fine when
our heels grind up the past and future.
I love your even-tempered nature.

I love it that only a minor
injury kept you from the stepped-up
training a long-term cancer survivor
must do—now you're all prepped
to run for your life again next year.
I love you in mortal fear
and when the center goes dark.
I love you on a book in Central Park.

Bethesda Fountain, Central Park, New York City